1kw Solar Panel Price in India: System Usage, Output, Table, Calculation, Cost, Pros, Cons, Video & Questions Covered

Wondering how much a 1kw solar system costs?

The 1kw solar panel price in India is a huge question for the people who are looking to buy it.

A 1kw solar system is a perfect size for most homes. It can generate enough electricity to power your home and even sell back to the grid. And it’s not just about saving money, you’ll be doing your part to help save our planet too!

This article will explain everything you need to know about 1kw solar panel price in India.

It will also give you an idea of how much does a 1kw solar system cost, what’s the output by 1kw solar system, and the usage of this system.

We will also explain how much 1kw solar panels produce in a day.

This article is for those of you who are deciding whether or not to buy a 1kw solar system for your home and have questions about the price, usage, output, etc.

You can get all these answers below!

What is a 1kw solar system?

1kW solar system is designed to give power supply for the 1,000-watt load.

It needs 100sq. feet roof space for installation of 1kw solar panel system which generates 5000 watts during the day using solar power (insolation).  1kW solar system is best for the 1,000-watt load.

The 1kw solar panel price depends on the type of 1 kW solar panels that you want to purchase and installation charges are also included in the 1 kW Solar Panel cost.

At least eight-ten hours per day of electricity from the sun, which will be more than enough to meet most household needs.

Solar energy is one of the best ways to save on your electricity bills. With a 1 kW rooftop solar installation, you can generate enough solar power for all of your home’s needs and in many cases even sell extra back into the grid!

Learn more about solar panels!

Price of 1kw solar system:

A standard 1kw solar system can cost as little as anywhere between Rs. 90,000-1,20,000 Rs with a subsidy in India. The price could vary according to location due to subsidies available from Government policies in different states.

1KW Off Grid Solar System Calcluation:

Components Price
Loom Solar Panel – Shark 440 – Mono Perc, 144 Cells, Half Cut (2) ₹ 32,000
Microtek 2335 VA Solar Inverter ₹ 10,000
Lithium Battery – 2000 watt-hour  (1) ₹ 24,999
Solar DC Wire, 6 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair ₹ 2,500
Loom solar 2-panel stand (Shark 440W) ₹ 4,000
2 Panel MC4 Connectors pair, 2 Wire In, 1 Wire Out ₹ 500
Transportation, Installation & Service ₹ 25,000
Total ₹ 95,000-1,10,000 Approx
1kw solar panel price india
Visit the website for more details about 1kw solar system pricing and warranty.

Usage of 1kw solar system

As 1kw solar panel price is the best option for homeowners who are only interested to use power during the daytime. The ideal option for 2-3 BHK homes in which you can use 3 fans, 1 TV, 1 laptop/computer, 3-4 lights up to 4-5 hours without any failure.

Types of 1kw solar systems:

On-Grid Solar System – UPS Inverter Brand

1kw solar system is also called a grid-tie system because it connects with government electricity. 1kW solar systems produce up to four units per day averages.

Solar net-metering is applicable on this type of 1kW solar panel which means you can export balance electricity to the government and then they will adjust in your upcoming electricity bill.

Technical Specifications of 1kw Ongrid Solar System
Components Description
Solar System Capacity 1kW
Solar Panel Quantity 335watt x 3 Nos.
Solar Inverter 1kW – On-grid inverter
Accessories GI Solar structure, DC wire, MCB, MC4 connectors.
System warranty 25 years
Space required 10 square meter
Average generation 4 units per day
Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 89,500

Offgrid solar system

1kW off-grid solar panels can store energy in batteries for use during the night and when the sun is not available. This type of 1kW solar panel comes with additional battery backup so that you will not have any interruption while running connected loads. 1kW solar panels are also ideal for locations that have less sunlight exposure.

Technical Specifications of 1kw Offgrid Solar System
Components Description
Solar System Capacity 1kW
Solar Panel Quantity 335watt x 3 Nos.
Solar Inverter 1kVA Gamma+ MPPT
Solar Battery 1nos. 150AH
Accessories GI Solar structure, DC wire, MCB, MC4 connectors
System warranty 25 years
Average generation 4 units per day
Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 79,800

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid 1kw solar system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid 1kW solar panels. It can store the excess government electricity in batteries for use during power cuts, or export to govt. if there are sufficient surplus hours available.

Technical Specifications of 1kw Hybrid Solar System
Components Description
Solar System Capacity 1kW
Solar Panel Quantity 335watt x 3 Nos.
Solar Inverter 1kVA Gamma+ MPPT
Solar Battery 2nos. 150AH
Accessories GI Solar structure, DC wire, MCB, MC4 connectors
System warranty 25 years
Average generation 4 units per day
Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes ) Rs. 1,20,000

Pricing Overview of Ongrid, Offgrid & Hybrid 1Kw Solar System:

Types Price ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
On-grid Solar Rs. 89,500
Off-grid Solar Rs. 79,800
Hybrid Solar Rs. 1,20,000

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1kW Luminous Solar System – Famous 1KW Solar System in India

The 1kw luminous solar system is designed to give power supply for around a 2-3 BHK apartment for 7-9 hours.

1kW Luminous off-grid solar system is a complete, self-contained power solution for basic loads in your home.

1kW Luminous off-grid solar system is an awesome combination with 3 nos. X 335 watt solar panel, 1500 VA solar inverter, 2 nos. X 150 Ah battery bank and all other accessories to run the basic load of your home!

This 1 kilowatt (kW) power-producing kit can also be used for powering a small shop light installation too along with up to 4 LED lights + 3 fans including one cooler / *4 LED lights plus TV as well as fridge/freezer at the same time which need approx 7 sq mt area in order to install it on flat rooftop such*as this one here shown below; that’s what we call value-for-money!!!

Pricing: ₹105,999.00

1kW Luminous Solar System
Learn more about the luminous 1kw solar system.

1KW Solar System Information Video For More Clarity

A real life example of using a 1KW solar system in Bengaluru city.

Rahul lives in Bengaluru city and he required a solar system in his home.

He shared his configuration so that you can get a better idea.

He has a 1kw solar system throughout the day for lights, fans, TV, mixer, chimney, and much more. He has 3 panels of Luminous polycrystalline totaling 980w.

Day time Load :

  • 4 Led lights : 14w each = 14×4=56w
  • 3 fans : 75w each = 3×75=225w
  • 50″ TV : 250w

Mixer/chimney: 500w( this of course runs for a max of 1 hour for the chimney and 5 mins for the mixer)

His review after using a 1kw solar system for almost a year:

Exactly a year has passed since the installation and when I look back, it is quite pleasing to see that there was not one power cut in this period!

This may be because of two reasons. First, my 1kw off-grid setup allowed me to run lights for days with just a few hours of backup battery charge using solar panels. Second, during outages due to many day-long blackouts (the last time we had an outage was 7 months ago), my inverter automatically switches on from grid electricity if available or starts charging batteries by switching over entirely without any manual intervention at all – which means less risk taken while running heavy loads like washing machines, etc.,

Cons – 1kw solar system:

It’s a conundrum – using the 5A outlets to power your hairdryer, iron box, or vacuum will cause the inverter to switch back and forth from DC (the battery) mode as it tries unsuccessfully to keep up with such high wattage.

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Frequenty Asked Questions About 1kw Solar System

How much electricity does a 1kw solar panel produce?

A 1kw solar panel output for a 1 kW system can produce electricity between 3 to 4.5 kWh of electricity a day on average.  India: 4.25–4.5 kWhr/day annual average.

How much area is required for a 1kw solar panel?

In order to install a 1 kW solar system, you will need about 100 sq. ft of clear shadow-free space. The panels themselves require only 6–6.5 square meters or 65 square feet for installation and depending on how much money is invested into your property there are various ways that can be accommodated including south-facing orientation if possible as well as sufficient spacing away from sensitive structures like trees with plenty room for inverters etc.

Is a 1kW solar system right for my home?

The solar specialists said that 1 KW of a solar system is sufficient enough for an average family of up to four people. But, if you have more than three or four people living at your home and/or want the option of running ACs during hot summer days, then two-five kilowatts will be needed depending on how much space there is out back where panels can go.

What is the main difference between on-grid and off-grid solar systems?

Solar energy systems are often described as “on-grid” or “off-the-grid.” This largely boils down to how connected they are with their utility company. On the one hand, an off-grid solar system is not plugged into your local power plant and will therefore require a battery backup for cloudy days. It also means that you don’t want to rely on them during emergencies when there’s no other way of getting electricity in your area, because it won’t be available then either (a good thing if you’re trying to keep costs low). A lot can change about these two types of systems over time: recent developments have allowed us to access renewable resources like wind and water too so we’ll see more options popping up soon!

How many solar panels do I need to install in a 1KW solar system?

You need to install at least 3-4 for a 1 kW array in order to get optimal performance and energy efficiency from a 1kw solar system.

Conclusion – 1kw Solar Power System

1kw solar panel price is a cost-effective way to generate electricity for your home or business.

Solar panels are clean, renewable energy sources that will never run out of power because the sun doesn’t stop shining! We hope you found this 1kW solar panel price in India information helpful and would be happy to answer any questions about 1-kilowatt solar panels in the comments below.

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